Running A Successful Law Firm: Strategies & Tips For Success

Running A Successful Law Firm: Strategies & Tips For SuccessCorelegal is an organised group of business professionals who all specialise in the legal sector in the UK. We have various skills and expertise between us and the reason for this book, was to share this collective knowledge with a wider audience.

Corelegal first launched in 2009 and has ran various seminars for legal professionals (namely solicitors) in different cities in the UK as well as webinars with the purpose of imparting knowledge on each members key specialist subject. With new developments in the economy underway, there has been an increasing trend for more firms to start up, and existing ones to consolidate, so we decided to create a book which would help those who are already practising law, and perhaps who are thinking of starting their own law firm business, or who have been running a law firm for some time, and need to stay ahead and on top of their game. Between the writers there is collectively over 100 years experience in working with solicitors / lawyers.

Using our first hand client experience (in case studies when mentioned – names have been changed to protect the innocent!), we have a valuable understanding of the legal industry, the changes that are underway and ideas that can help the savvy solicitor to come out on top. Different members have contributed a chapter or two. The book aims to bring fresh ideas and perspective, no matter if you are UK-based, or in the field of law in another part of the world. Note that we tend to use the term ‘solicitors’ a lot in the book, but for our purpose, we mean lawyers, attorneys, briefs, notaries and barristers too!

The book is divided into four units – Finance, Operations, Marketing and Future thinking. You can skip to the part that interests you the most, or just read it from cover to cover. You may also be interested in visiting or subscribing to our YouTube channel, as snippets from previous seminars have been uploaded on there, as have webinar interviews with various members. We post articles regularly on our blog at

Paperback, price: £14.99